These days, more and more pubs are changing their approach and focusing on food and families to turn a profit. But not many pub owners can say that they’ve truly tapped into the young family market until they’ve created something that brings parents and kids back time and time again.

The client

The Cherry Tree is a privately-run pub in Dagenham. It’s got all the elements that could make it the perfect family pub; great food, great drinks and a great starting place for rambles and moseying through the local area. But, until now, something’s been missing.

The challenge

The pub owners were looking for a way to bring in extra revenue. They wanted to increase their customers’ spend on food and grow their daily trade. And when they realised that one of their function rooms was barely being used, they decided to turn it into something for kids. But they weren’t sure exactly what that should look like. All they knew was that they wanted to be able to entertain babies and toddlers during a family trip to the pub. It needed to have offerings for 0-2 year olds and 3-6s too, to help turn young families into returning customers.

What we did

In just four days, we turned a small space into the perfect play area. Babies get to climb and slide into their own ball pool for calmer play. Plus, they have several soft play shapes on which to practise their standing and crawling. There’s also soft seating for adults around the ball pool, so everyone’s comfortable. And for slightly older ones, there’s another ball pool and all sorts of fun and challenging equipment. Slides, rollers and even large physio balls have all gone into this design to make it a place to remember.

The result

Every part of this installation promotes healthy, positive play for children to enjoy during a family meal out. The soft play solution has turned The Cherry Tree into a pub that both adults and children want to keep coming back to. And daily trade has increased as a result.

Which one of these best describes you?

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