Whatever type of outdoor play area structure you're looking for, it's highly likely that you'll find it right here.

When you come to The Play Company, you benefit from our 20 years of experience in play area equipment. Not only that, but you’ll enjoy an extensive range of products that tick all the safety boxes and that make for a safe, creative and fun place for children to play.

Indoor Soft Play Equipment

Whether you’re targeting tots or ten-year olds, our interactive outdoor play area equipment will help kids learn to play together as they exercise their minds and bodies in the liveliest of ways. Equipment is available in wood and metal, from the smallest of structures to stuff larger than you could imagine.

And the best bit for you? Aside from knowing that kids will come back to enjoy your equipment again and again, of course. Every structure requires very little maintenance. Your investment (which is likely to be less than you’re expecting, by the way) will provide great value for money and fun, fun, fun.

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Outdoor play areas installed by The Play Company

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