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Regenerating life, laughter and customers back into your space

Do you have an existing trampoline park, indoor play space or play area that needs more than just a brief clean up?

By using our retrofit services, you’re not only going to breathe new life into your space but also stay ahead of competitors, . We understand the expectations for both children and their parents, and we’re committed to creating a soft play environment that captivates, engages and brings people back time and time again.

We ensure creativity meets functionality, and playfulness mixes with safety. Our retrofitting service is your key to a refreshed, modernised, and highly appealing indoor soft play experience for your visitors.

Save money without breaking the bank, for a whole newarea


GLL Sutton had a trampoline play space going beyond it’s expected life. It was worn, it lacked repeat customers and long dwell times.

so, what did we do?

We used the existing site plans and dropped in a multi-level Strike Arena, one which makes the most of the space above ( which trampolines cannot do ) but why?

  • Interactive Re-playable Game 
  • Increased Capacity
  • Single Operator Use
  • Team ‘Scale-ablity’ ( could be individuals or large teams )
  • On Brand with the rest of the park

With all of the above and not having to start from scratch or close the park during installation, we were able to deliver exactly what the client wanted – a modern, state-of-the-art play area helping people get active and also providing another reason for people to visit the park.

You can check out the parks promotional video below or GET IN TOUCH if you’d like to discuss a retrofit in your play space.

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