Trampoline Parks

that make your profits bounce

Got a space you know you can turn into profit but not sure exactly what to do with it? Why not create a trampoline park to get pulses racing and people laughing?

With a trampoline park from The Play Company, not only will you benefit from a unique design and custom build, but you and your customers will enjoy a state-of-the-art park for years to come too.

You’ll relish the huge range of popular features available during the design process; from dodgeball courts and basketball zones to cardio areas and wipeout courses. Foam pits and walk walls, air bags and battle beams and even slacklining is all possible with a The Play Company trampoline park too. And if you don’t have a clue what on earth any of those things are? We’ll talk you through it all and help you choose the best options for your centre.

Let’s build a trampoline park that brings your themes and objectives together and put a new spring in your profits.  

Why choose us?

Quality construction

Enjoy cutting edge products thanks to our innovative technology and 3D design process.

Bespoke design

We’ll tailor the features to your space and customise the artwork to suit your target market.

Apt for all ages

With different age zones and all sorts of thrills, you can create a space that appeals to everyone.

Safest standards

We guarantee the highest safety standards, meeting EN12572: 2017 in every aspect of every design.

Huge variety

Create a mélange of fun with interactive sports pitches, bouncing cardio walls and even rodeo!

Training included

We’ll provide full staff training and help you create daily maintenance routines.

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