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With all that bouncing, it’s no surprise that trampolines need some tender loving care every so often. But have you noticed that the relative youth of trampoline parks makes it hard to find a decent company to take care of your regular maintenance checks? Let us take a weight off your shoulders and tick a job off your list. With over 20 years’ experience in the soft play industry, it was only natural for us to transfer our knowledge and skills to trampolines. And now, we’re extremely confident in our great ability to design and maintain trampoline centres in the most satisfactory way. Let us tell you more about why you should choose The Play Company for your trampoline park maintenance.

Meticulous checks on your equipment:

Trampoline Park Maintenance Repairs

We’re very  thorough in the way we search for things that need to be corrected in your trampoline park. We’ll look for gaps and tears in the pads on your trampolines, we’ll check the springs, frame welding, frame security and bolt exposure and we’ll closely monitor the safety and security of the beds too.

Trampoline Park Maintenance Repairs

When it comes to seat padding, rips and tears are a natural result of being sat on day in and day out. So we’ll go over every bit of padding and carefully repair each and every hole. We’ll check all of your column padding too, making sure it’s all intact, secure and at the right height on each post, making any repairs that are necessary.

Finally, we’ll go over every bit of netting and repair any rips, tears or holes. We’ll make sure it’s all safely secured to the posts and check the posts themselves for any damage as well. When you get The Play Company to do your maintenance, you really will have peace of mind that your trampoline park has undergone a comprehensive check and repair.

And the little extras?

If it’s not just general maintenance you need, but you’d like to design and make extensions to your trampolining areas or even add a section where toddlers can bounce, we can help you there too. Not only will you benefit from great service, but you’ll most likely increase your profits as you do it.

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