Receive your play area hygiene certificate when you use
The Play Company high-level or full system cleaning services.

If you’re serious about creating safe play areas for endless family fun, then our high-level cleaning services should play a vital role in the regular maintenance of your soft play area.

At The Play Company, we understand that high-level cleaning can be a hazardous and time-consuming process, but our fully-trained team have the knowledge and equipment to make your clean as safe, effective and efficient as possible.

What we do best:

We offer two levels of cleaning services: High-Level System Cleaning and Full System Cleaning.

We even provide these services out of hours, so you don’t miss out on revenue and the kids can have uninterrupted fun!

Indoor Soft Play Equipment

High-Level System Cleaning

A High-Level System Clean gives your slides, netting, tunnels and those hard to reach areas a new lease of life.

This service gives us the opportunity to sanitise the outside of your play area and is ideal for those play centres who already do the day-to-day cleaning themselves.

By using portable back vacuums, our team avoid the re-spreading of dust and have the ease of movement needed to reach those unreachable places.

We recommend carrying out a High-Level System Clean every 4-6 months to avoid unsightly dust build-ups.

Indoor Soft Play Equipment

Full System Cleaning

Full System Cleaning is a deep clean that gets into the nooks and crannies under the surface of all your floor pads and those awkward areas.

This is the most thorough clean possible! Using an antibacterial solution on all vinyl GRP tunnel and slide surfaces we will leave your play area shining.

This service includes all the elements of the High-Level System Clean but, in addition to this, we sanitise the inside of your play frame including all tunnels, slides and framework.

We recommend carrying out a Full System Clean every 6-12 months dependant on your play areas footfall.

When our job is complete, we even provide a ‘Hygienically-Cleaned’ certificate which can be displayed proudly to give parents peace of mind.

But wait, there's more!

Our add on services provide those finishing touches.
Ball Cleaning

Ball Pool Cleaning

We have seen some horrors lurking in depths of many ball pools. This is why we remove every ball and put them through our sanitising ball cleaning machine. Giving your padded flooring or carpet a deep clean or vacuum, we remove any of the nasties which might be hiding in the darkest of places.
Soft Play Equipment Repair

Maintenance & Repair

To save on time and cost, we can carry out a maintenance inspection at the same time as your clean. From fixing the tears in vinyl to replacing tunnels, slides and netting. We will make sure your centre is left in tip top condition. We will even install vinyl panel with zippers, so your staff can begin to clean those difficult areas themselves.

Indoor Soft Play Equipment

Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaning

All carpeting and hard flooring should be machine cleaned regularly. This way you can avoid the embarrassment of mouldy food, built-up odour, grease and dirt. We will leave your floors dry with only a residual mopping required afterwards. Giving your centre a great floor clean, we help with your floor’s protection, giving it a dazzling finish.

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