Introducing Esther: Crafting Buzz-Worthy Designs for Bee-Themed Soft Play


Step into a world where imagination takes flight and children can embark on buzzing adventures, meet our newest indoor play installation for babies and toddlers at Mini Meadows. 

At this beloved site, we’ve prided ourselves on creating this captivating soft play frame that transports young minds to fantastic farms, and behind the scenes of this, one talented individual played a crucial role in bringing this magical environment to life – Esther, our exceptional graphic designer.

In the below, we will discuss with Esther the creative process behind the artwork at this one of a kind indoor soft play.

How did you incorporate bee-themed graphics into the design of children's soft play frames?

We tried to incorporate as many bee-themed graphics across different parts of the frame, from wall boards to floor pads. We wanted the frame to be a celebration of all things bee-related, so we used a variety of graphics to represent the different aspects of beekeeping such as honey, beehives and meadows.

Can you discuss any specific challenges or considerations you faced when designing the wonderful bee-themed graphics, and how you overcame them?

We wanted to create illustrations and graphics that were simple and contemporary, rather than relying on bee-themed clichés. We drew inspiration from simple contemporary graphics and geometric shapes that can be found within the café.

How do you ensure that the bee-themed graphics align with the branding and theme of Mini Meadows?

We knew that the frame needed to complement the natural look and feel of the café, so we used muted earthy tones and simple shapes that reflected the geometric design of the light fittings.

Where do you tend to draw inspiration from when creating graphics that are displayed within a play frame?

Inspiration can come from anywhere, but I find that I am particularly drawn to sites like Pinterest. Pinterest is a great resource for exploring a wide variety of visual material, from children’s books and packaging to spatial and interior design. It helps me to spark my creativity and to imagine and explore new ideas.

We are grateful to have Esther as a valuable member of our team, infusing our soft play frames with a touch of graphical magic and wonder. Her commitment to staying informed about the latest trends with themed graphic design ensured that Mini Meadows remains at the forefront of providing an immersive and fun, play experience for children whilst also staying true to the original client brief.

As we bid farewell to this inspiring interview, we invite you, our readers, to visit Mini Meadows and witness firsthand the incredible work of Esther. Immerse yourself in the buzzing wonderlands she has brought to life and experience the joy, laughter, and excitement that children await within this bee-themed soft play frame.

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