Interview with Jurate: Designing Innovative Trade Show Stands


Welcome to our Q&A session with Jurate, our talented designer who specialises in creating our captivating trade show stands. In this interview, Jurate sheds light on the software she employs, the unique features of this year’s trade show stand, and the logistics involved in creating a play frame for a Family Entertainment Center (FEC). 

Additionally, she shares her enthusiasm for attending trade shows like IAAPA. 

Read on to discover the creative process behind our trade show stands.

Q: What software goes into creating a stand for a trade show?

A: We utilise SolidWorks for designing and generating manufacturing plans. Subsequently, Unreal Engine comes into play for rendering our concepts, bringing them to life with stunning visualisations.

Q: How does this stand differ from others that have been created in the past?

A: This year, our stand breaks new ground by incorporating three small strike arena units instead of a single play frame. This innovative arrangement adds a fresh dimension to our presentation, creating a distinct visual impact and enhancing attendee engagement.

By incorporating and making these changes to what we have used before we are able to visually show attendees how things work, as opposed to showing images, videos or a verbal explanation.

Q: How does this differ from creating a frame that would be used in a FEC?

A: The design is meticulously tailored to accommodate limited space while still faithfully representing the concept of our interactive Strike Arena. The practicality of quick assembly and dismantling is a key consideration during the design phase. Moreover, the play units can be repurposed and configured to suit spaces of various sizes and shapes, offering flexible options for FEC installations.

Q: What are you most excited about when going to trade shows like IAAPA?

A: Attending trade shows like IAAPA fuels my excitement to explore the latest industry trends and innovations. It provides an invaluable opportunity to establish new connections and partnerships, enabling us to enhance our product offerings and deliver cutting-edge solutions to our valued customers.

Thank you, Jurate, for sharing your insights and expertise. We are excited to unveil our exceptional trade show stand and connect with industry professionals at upcoming events like IAAPA Vienna 2023. 

Join us at Stand B-1401, and together, we’ll craft a play environment that captivates imaginations, promotes active fun, and leaves a lasting impression on visitors of all ages. Whether you’re a business owner seeking to enhance your entertainment offerings or an investor interested in the growing soft play market, our team is excited to connect with you at IAAPA Vienna 2023.

Let’s make playtime extraordinary! We look forward to meeting you at the event.

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