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Interactive Football Pitch Play Area

There is such a variety of options for installing an interactive football pitch into your play area, whether you want a stand-alone ‘basic’ football pitch with two goals or a pitch that incorporates technology and further adds gamification to the area, the choice is up to you.

With the addition to the technology counting the score between the two teams, there is also potential to add in timers and Klaxon sound effects and referee whistles to add to the emersion for users to experience.

The interactive technology comes bespoke per the customers request, as either one set of three units ( only on one side ), two sets of two units or two sets of three units

  • 1x Three PowrPlay Targets ( just on one side )
  • 2x Two PowrPlay Targets ( split over both sides )
  • 2x Three PowrPlay Targets ( split over both sides )

So, let’s take a look at three different tiers of football pitches you can incorporate within your soft play space.

Sunnyside Garden Centre, Ibstock

Sunnyside realised that their football space needed to exist, just as a dwell item within the space so there was no additional technology required.

They gathered this information from their first play area installed within the space, where they’d find groups of young children playing endlessly for hours whilst mum and dad enjoyed coffee and tea from the cafe.

Whilst their sports pitch does the job, it’s at the bare minimum of what can be done; an enclosed area with goalposts on each side, which, whilst this is not anything new, helps the children to develop their imagination skills outside of playing football within the area.

  • Regular green astro turf
  • Custom tuffpad themed to the rest of the frame

Play Valley, Doncaster

Play Valley, in Doncaster had a unique colour orientated pallette for their soft play frame, starting at ground level green through to the lighter blues in the clouds and darker blues and blacks towards the top ‘space’.

So, since their football pitch is situated within the cloud level of the frame, their frame is coloured respectivly as blue with cloud artwork around the edge.

  • PowrPlay X6 ( Interactive Football )
  • Custom Blue Football Astro turf
  • Custom Branded Wall Pad Artwork
  • Custom Colour Tuff Pad Padding

Freedog, Swindon

Freedog, based in Swindon, is an urban playground for not just kids, but also adults. Having some of the UK’s largest climbing and bouldering walls, the client ( Freedog ) wanted the full monty of possible football pitches for their indoor play area!

They wanted the largest enclosed space with the addition of a football and basketball target that would fit within their FEC space as another urban activity, and this one that would give their customers options on whether they wanted to play Football or Basketball from the PowrPlay and AeroStrike units.

  • PowrPlay X6 ( Interactive Football )
  • AeroStrike ( Interactive Basketball )
  • Custom Blue Football Astro turf
  • Custom Branded Wall Pad Artwork
  • Custom Colour Tuff Pad Padding

The fascia for the AeroStrike units were also in-line with the branding guidelines from freedog 

Whilst all of these sites contain a variation of the same product, there are defiantly added bonus’s to having both the Aerostrike and PowrPlay installed to increase dwell-time, add another level of immersion and effectively, make more profit onsite.

If you’d like to learn more or discover how we can install an interactive football pitch for you and within your play area, please, GET IN TOUCH and let’s discuss what works best for your indoor play area.

Some Football Pitches ( and how they might look for you )

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