If you want to expand your entertainment offering and add something fresh to your centre, you’ve just found the perfect solution.

Inflatable parks are a fantastically fun way to get your visitors bouncing, sliding and biffing and bashing – for hours on end!

With totally customisable options, from climbing walls and slides to bounce zones and obstacle courses, you’ll get the whole family moving and coming back again and again.

And our inflatable parks aren’t just for kids! Draw in the baby and toddler crowd with separate soft play zones, and even pull in adults for evening fitness classes too. There’ll be huge grins all round in your inflatable park, and the increased profits will certainly put a smile on your face too.

Why choose us?

Quality construction

Enjoy cutting edge products thanks to our innovative technology and 3D design process.

Bespoke design

We’ll tailor the features to your chosen heights and customise the artwork to suit your park.

Apt for all ages

With different age zones and all sorts of thrills, you can create a space that appeals to everyone.

Safest standards

We guarantee the highest safety standards, meeting EN12572: 2017 in every aspect of every design.

Outdoor Soft Play Equipment
Huge variety

Create a mélange of fun with hilarious games, a multitude of slides and even climbing walls.

Training included

We’ll provide full staff training and help you create daily maintenance routines.

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