How you can secure your spot as one of the winners of the UK Garden Centre revolution in just 90 minutes

Hi, my name is Elliott Myatt, and I’m recording this short video just for garden centres in the UK who want more footfall, more sales and higher profits.

If that’s you, then stay with me for the next 3 or 4 minutes and I’ll explain how I’ve helped other garden centres just like yours to become destinations in their own right, the results they’ve enjoyed from all of the extra buyers at their tills, and how I can help you to achieve the exact same results.

Before I share the detail with you, let me tell you a little more about me. Like I said, my name is Elliott Myatt, and I’m the Managing Director of an award-winning business called The Play Company, based in Devon but with happy clients all over the country.

We’re play area specialists, and we work with all kinds of businesses like farm parks, councils, leisure centres, holiday parks and hotels, to help them to use the power of soft play to attract more customers, keep them on site for longer, and increase their spend.

With every project that we do, we’ve learned more about what works, and because we’re the fastest-growing softplay specialist in Europe, we’ve learned quite a lot.

One thing I’ve learned is that softplay works REALLY well in garden centres. Maybe better than anywhere else.

A well-considered softplay area – it doesn’t even need to be huge – can dramatically increase the pull of your garden centre, attracting parents and grandparents who wouldn’t otherwise consider visiting.

And a softplay customer isn’t like someone who drops in to pick up a Christmas tree. They stay and they spend.

What if I told you that the average dwell time for a softplay visitor is two hours.

Two hours!

Two hours of watching their grandchildren enjoying themselves in a safe environment, two hours of spending money in your café or restaurant, two hours of wandering around your floor, ready to spend.

Over the last few years, more and more garden centres have started recognising what I’ve known for a long time, which is that softplay could be the be the best way to combat online competition, lower footfall and a poor outlook for retail generally.

I believe that the next 24 months are going to see the start of a revolution in the garden centre industry, with winners, losers, and not much in the middle.

The winners will be those who have properly invested in becoming a genuine destination venue, pulling good quality customers in from miles around, often driving straight past other garden centres on their way, and keeping them on site for hours spending money. Those garden centres will embrace softplay and they’ll have top quality food and drink options available, as well as the TripAdvisor reviews to match.

The losers will be those who don’t understand the power of becoming a destination. They focus on being a garden centre, competing against Amazon (which is coming for your market, as it has many others), increasing their marketing spend and constantly running discounts and offers to try to attract customers.

If you’ve got serious plans to become a real destination venue, we need to talk.

Whether you’re already well on your way or just thinking about what needs to happen, I can use my experience and expertise to help you.

These isn’t a sales video – I’m not going to ask you to buy my “Garden Centre Programme” or spend thousands on consultancy with me. Not at all. 

I’m offering my time to you for free.

I’ll come to you, at a time that suits you and your team, take a look around your centre, understand your goals, and help you to understand more about how a soft play element would work for you, the investment you’d need to make, and exactly what I think you’d get in return.

I’ll even have my team draw up some outline plans for you, completely for free, they’re on me.

There’s no obligation, this is a no strings attached offer, you don’t need to buy anything from me, now or ever.

After our meeting you might decide that softplay is right for you, and we might talk some more about how we can help you with your design, build and maintenance, but if you decide not to, that’s fine – no hard feelings at all, I promise.

I’ve set some time aside for these meetings over the next few weeks, I’m offering them out to almost 2000 garden centres and I think they’ll get booked up pretty quickly, so if you’d like one, if you’d like a sensible, no obligation conversation about becoming one of the winners, a proper destination garden centre, full of happy customers, then you need to take swift action now and get this meeting booked in. 

The next step is to drop your name and number on an email, and my lovely PA Teena (teena@The Play Company.co.uk) will be in touch to arrange a time that works for you and your team.

Talk soon


“We’d heard good things about Elliott, so our expectations were fairly high, and Elliott didn’t let us down. He’s very knowledgable, and had plenty of time for us, which is important.  His understanding of the commercial realities of running a business is impressive, and although I was expecting a slick sales presentation, Elliott delivered nothing of the sort.  We had a good quality conversation, Elliott gave me some really good ideas (and stopped me from making a couple of expensive mistakes) and left a good impression and lots of value.
Thanks Elliott.”

Tim Godwin – Owner,
Fosseway Garden Centre

Play areas installed by The Play Company

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