Looking to increase the time people spend in your garden centre and think indoor soft play could be the answer?

Soft play is a great way to increase the amount of time that people spend in your garden centre, allowing you to increase shop revenue as well as café revenue – plus, the kids enjoy soft play more than they do plants!

Indoor Soft Play Equipment

If you’re looking for a trusted partner to help you make soft play a reality in your garden centre, then we can help with every element – from the design and conception, through to the supply and installation.

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More than plants at Fosseway Garden Centre

Traditionally, garden centres haven’t been seen as a place for the whole family. You might hear that your Auntie Jo had popped in to pick up a few pots, or maybe your granddad had gone to buy some soil. But a family destination? Not so much. These days though, as independent businesses look for ways to increase their profits, some garden centres have had the sense to widen their offering. And that’s exactly what we helped the team at Fosseway Garden Centre do with a The Play Company installation in Summer 2019.

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