Family Entertainment Centre Solutions

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The all in one solution that makes play fun-for-all!

Customers like to visit somewhere with options, whether that’s because they have babies or young children or because they are teens or adults themselves.

By incorporating different features and activities, you open the door to large groups who want obstacle courses, heart pounding indoor play spaces, gamified activities and challenges.

Whether you want to improve your customers experience or gain greater exposure, various indoor activities can make your space more attractive to customers.

Locations we have built into now feature an assortment of active indoor playground activities that gamifies the customers experience so they will have more choice of their fun activity, for longer periods of time which means higher profits and more repeat customers.

A Deep Look At Freedog Swindon

Your FEC Space Should Feature

Ninja Courses

Interactive Football Picthes

Strike Arena

Soft Play

Interactive Cardio Climb Walls

Trampoline Area

Have You Seen Our FEC Sites?

Freedom, Cape Town

Altitude, Oswego

GLL, Sutton

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