The Partyman group were left devastated after the fire that destroyed their Cambridge soft play site. But when they were ready to pick themselves up and start again, they chose The Play Company to install the soft play equipment in their freshly rebuilt site.

The client

Partyman Cambridge is one site in a chain of 8 children’s soft play centres. It’s run by children’s entertainers who’ve been in the business since they were 15. So, to say that these ladies and gents know exactly what they’re looking for is a bit of an understatement. After the fire that had destroyed the old building, the Partyman team were understandably feeling down.

The challenge

When it came to recreating the magic at Partyman Cambridge, we pulled out all the stops. It needed to live up to the equipment that was there before the fire. And it needed to be as fun. In our minds, we felt that we had to help rebuild this place by going a step further. Something that would enable kids to have a better time than ever before and that would make Partyman even more memorable. Not just for them, but also so that the Partyman team could take something positive from a sad situation. The design had to include offerings for babies, toddlers and children up to 12 years old.

What we did

There’s not much that we didn’t do on this job. We installed an astra slide, a drop slide and a spiral slide within the main frame for older children. There are rollers, bash bags, climbing walls, spider webs and tunnels too. We even added a football pitch and jelly mountain for good measure. Toddlers and babies have plenty of opportunities for rolling, crawling, sliding and squeezing too. With games, mirrors, ball pools and hanging snakes, little ones can explore and stimulate their senses as they go. Like I said, there’s not much we didn’t do.

The result

The staff were delighted with the results. Not only because it offers so much for their customers, but also because we created the whole thing together in just three weeks. They look forward to reopening soon.

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