Hotels are great places for adults. You’d be hard pushed to find someone who wouldn’t get excited at the prospect of a swanky night away. But a lot of hotels don’t really have much of an offering for children. This one decided it was time for a change.

The client

The Great Western is a 60-room hotel in the heart of Newquay. It’s beautiful. One of the 19 hotels run by the St. Austell Brewery but, this one has some unique selling points that really do make it stand out. More on that in a moment. We’ve installed and maintained other outdoor and indoor play areas for this pub chain in the past. So, they already know what sorts of magic we can do when it comes to child’s play.

The challenge

The space that the hotel wanted to use for their play area literally sits on the edge of a cliff. So, Great Western wanted to create something that makes the most of the incredible views and which fitted in with the surrounding sea. The design had to live up to the area’s beauty and it needed to be eco-friendly.

What we did

First off, we came to the hotel, got to know the team and soaked up the views, then we sat down to design. Together, we chose a massive ship that kids can climb up, crawl across, squeeze through and interact with. It’s vibrant enough that children see it and immediately want to play on it. But not too vibrant that it detracts from the amazing views.

What’s more, they can actually get higher up to take in the spectacular views over the ocean as they play. There’s an extra layer of fun in this play area. In how many play areas can you climb up to a lookout point in a play ship and actually enjoy real ocean views?! Without the responsibility of having to keep watch for icebergs of course. Using 100% recycled plastic, we created attractive palisades, allowing children to play safely in this unique area, right in the midst of the cliff’s beautiful greenery.

The result

The iconic ship has become famous amongst holiday makers and locals alike. The team at the Great Western Hotel were delighted with our creation and we’re hoping to do further work for them in future.

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