More for young families at Quayside Leisure Centre

When buildings are refurbished, there are plenty of different people and companies involved. Architects, builders, owners and – of course – soft play specialists!

The client

The Fusion Lifestyle charity has a diverse portfolio to their name. Their speciality is refurbishing tired leisure centres, introducing sustainable solutions for councils and creating exciting products for customers. When it came to updating the Quayside Leisure Centre in Kingsbridge, the architects behind the refurb came to The Play Company.

The challenge

As you might expect, the team running the refurbishment wanted to maximise the capacity of the space, utilising every inch to improve footfall. They needed a solution that would increase spend per child in the play area. The new structure would be going in next to the centre’s café. So the architects asked us to create something that would give parents the chance to enjoy a hot drink while the kids played. We also wanted to make something that could increase footfall by encouraging parents to bring their babies to the site too.

What we did

First off, we visited the site and the surrounding area to make sure we designed a structure that would fit in and appeal to local residents. Then we started designing. We included a baby area on the side of the double-level structure for older children. Using an underwater theme, we made sure the design fit in perfectly with the rest of the centre. The architects were pleased with our technical drawings and gave the go ahead. The installation went in within a matter of days and included all sorts of pieces of kit to encourage healthy, positive play.

The result

The new structure has been a big hit. It’s successfully created that new revenue stream that Fusion Lifestyle were looking for. From the local council’s perspective, the offering really adds to the sustainability of the Quayside, as it gives young parents and families another reason to come to the area.

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