Mini Meadows – Indoor Adventure Farm Soft Play Area

In this case study, we delve into the innovative approach taken by Mini Meadows, a picturesque farm park nestled at the border between Leicestershire and Northamptonshire.

The farm park is known for its delightful mix of indoor and outdoor amenities, including a range of farm animals, play areas, and a cosy cafe, all spread over 12 acres of a rural landscape, however, Mini Meadows faced a pivotal challenge.

The park, operating independently, recognized the necessity of updating its key attraction – the indoor adventure farm soft play area.

The client

Mini Meadows is a beautiful farm park on the Leicestershire and Northamptonshire border, with indoor and outdoor play, farm animals and a cafe, set in 12 acres of countryside.

A small, independently run Farm Park with animals to pet, outdoor play areas to roam and an indoor cafe.

The challenge

Mini Meadows had a well-loved soft play area, which needed to be replaced – indoor soft play is critical for farm park businesses, who need to ensure their proposition is appealing no matter the weather.

At the same time as replacing their soft play area, they were also keen to rebrand it all and integrate it with their cafe, providing a more unified experience for parents and children.

What we did

We got our heads together to design and create a bee-themed play area, which fits neatly into their overall branding.

The area features a sit-on soft play tractor beehive sensory area, jollyheap cubes, and ball pool area all encapsulated within a soft safe space for babies and toddlers to roam alone or with a parent.

The result

The brand new soft play area is proving hugely popular – Mini Meadows runs play sessions for babies and toddlers on quieter days during the week, helping to increase secondary spend in the cafe.

During the winter months, this has been a critical way of bringing customers in, increasing dwell time and helping to bolster revenue.

Play sessions for babies and toddlers on quieter days where mum or dad will purchase coffee and cake, and have a natter with friends, increasing the time that people would want to be there ( especially during winter / wet times of the year )

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