If you need a safe and open community space available for all, whether you want to exercise, read a book or let the kids blow off some steam. Why else would you choose somewhere else if you’re close by?

The client

Penylan Library and Community Centre, operated by GLL provides a leisure space and facilities to the local residents in the Cardiff suburb of Penylan.  As a community hub, it plays an important role, with significant footfall, day in, and day out.

The challenge

Previously, the only offering available for children at the centre was an area with some loose soft play toys. Although the space was plentiful, it wasn’t being maximised with the right quality equipment for the space.

What we did

Working with GLL, we designed and installed a brand new multi-tiered play frame, with a woodland theme, tying in with the surrounding area.

In addition, we also created a smaller secondary play frame and padded area for younger children.

Both installations have massively improved what the centre can offer, and how desirable it is as a destination.

The result

Penylan Library and Community Centre now has a play area with increased capacity of over 33%, and is providing a highly valuable service to the local community.

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