The client

The iconic and award-winning BOOST Leicester opened its doors in 2017 after converting their 25,000ft site into an all singing, all dancing premium leisure facility with over 10,000sqft of trampolines, foam pits and play areas.

The challenge

The team at BOOST Leicester understand the need to keep evolving, keep developing and bringing something new into their parks to keep their customers coming back time and time again.  They also wanted to be able to increase their capacity within the park to allow them to welcome more customers during each session, increase their revenues and increase their profits.

What we did

When we first met with BOOST Leicester, they were originally looking to add a soft play area to their park as this is usually the easiest way to increase the capacity in an FEC however, after discussing their business model, understanding their core client market and their business targets, we realised that a traditional soft play wasn’t the answer ….. Strike Arena was.

Strike Arena offers the same capacity benefits that a traditional soft play can but through gamification and clever design work, it appeals to a much wider age range including teenagers – BOOST Leicester’s target market

Converting an unused corner of their trampoline park, we created a 3 tier, 6 metre high, 30 light pod Strike Arena that features some of our most popular obstacles including X-Wing, Power Tower and Bag Blitz, all combined into a single frame structure.

Alongside our partners from Rugged Interactive, we developed this Strike Arena to be customer operated allowing their customers to freely use the game whenever they wanted, reducing the need for additional park staff and increasing the versatility of this feature.

The result

First off then we have a very happy client in BOOST Leicester and they also have very happy customers!

We have been able to increase their overall park capacity by 23% despite only using 63sqm of floor space which means they could now increase their revenues and profits by an equal amount.

BOOST Leicester now offers a feature that none of their competitors in the area have, keeping them ahead in the market and ensuring their loyal customers keep coming back time and time again.

Which one of these best describes you?

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