It’s not just about big slides and ball pools at The Play Company. Whatever you’re looking for, chances are that we’ll be able to create something that’ll work for your site. Check out how we used our expertise to encourage more custom to one of the coolest places in the country.

The client

BoxPark Croydon is a popular destination for great food and live performances in South London. Built up from 80 shipping containers, it’s a bit of a street food hotspot. Thirty traders cook up dishes for their countless customers every weekend; each one different, each one delicious. Every week, BoxPark hosts all sorts of live events, from music to poetry, jewellery making or workouts. It’s a very cool place.

The challenge

As you can probably imagine, trade at BoxPark booms at night and over the weekend. Their customers tend to be young professionals, hipsters and indie kids; you don’t see many children there. The team decided to work on bringing in more custom on weekday mornings, for that, they needed to focus on a different target customer – parents. The solution had to be something that kids could enjoy while their parents made the most of the trade at BoxPark. And it had to be something that could come out every weekday morning and quickly be removed before the afternoon rush began.

What we did

We designed a bespoke soft play area that’s easy to assemble and pack away. It uses number coded retainer blocks that fix onto matching Velcro floor pads. The staff at BoxPark have clear packing instructions so that it’s no bother to quickly put away the soft play later in the day. And, of course, we used a simple, black and white design to make sure the equipment fits in with the cool décor at BoxPark.

The result

Unsurprisingly, the simple addition of a bespoke soft play area has brought more parents and young children into the area. The equipment proved a massive hit and weekday revenue increased as a result. So much so, that BoxPark Croydon ordered a second set and then BoxPark Wembley did too.

Which one of these best describes you?

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