Anti-Coronavirus Deep Cleaning and Fogging

by Devon’s ONLY fully insured, fully risk-assessed and 100% compliant cleaning specialists

Guaranteed for up to 30 days!

Give yourself, your staff and your customers confidence with deep sanitisation and fogging from top to toe.

FoggingAre you worried that your staff might be at risk when they return to your premises? Nervous that customers won’t want to set foot in the place in case they catch the virus inside?

Thanks to Covid-19 and the Coronavirus pandemic, trust is at an all-time low and vigilance the highest it’s ever been. And with good reason.

Why would you want to come to work if you thought you might contract Covid-19 simply by picking up an infected phone?

Why would you step into a shop if you thought they weren’t taking your safety seriously?

The world is going to look very different after Coronavirus. But with deep cleaning and fogging services from The Play Company, you can ensure that you trade as safely as possible and maximise revenue throughout and post-pandemic.

Our fogging sanitiser is guaranteed to inhibit the growth of bacteria and eliminate coronavirus for the 30 days that follow. So whether you’ve had a confirmed case of COVID-19 in your space or you’re looking for precautionary measures ahead of a reopening, we’re here to help you.

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No-one can kill Covid-19, but we can destroy a Coronavirus.

CertificateWe confess, we can’t kill Covid-19. But neither can anyone else.

First things first, Covid-19 is the illness caused by a Coronavirus. You can’t cure it or kill it (not even with bleach, despite what a certain bouffant-haired American Republican might tell you).

But what you can do through careful, exhaustive cleaning and fogging, is create an environment in which the Coronavirus can’t survive in the first place.

If you’ve come across one of the newbie cleaning businesses offering to kill Covid-19 for you, steer well clear and leave it to the seasoned experts!

With more than 20 years behind us, we know exactly how to sanitise any type of environment. And we do it safely and professionally every time, with our fogging product guaranteed to remain effective for up to 30 days.

Our entire team is risk assessed with full, correct PPE and the insurance policies to prove it. We’ll practise social distancing on your premises to a T and leave you with a safe environment so you can continue to work.

(We’re more than happy to provide you with copies of our insurance policies and our risk assessments too, for your peace of mind.)

What we do – The fogging packages

If you haven’t got the foggiest what fogging actually is, allow us to elaborate.

Using specialist dry-steam spraying machines, we’ll apply a layer of sanitising product to every nook and cranny within your premises. That product? It’s guaranteed to stop virus cells in their tracks for as many as 30 days after fogging takes place.

At The Play Company, we offer two anti-Coronavirus fogging packages.

Both provide specialist sanitisation against Coronavirus for all non-healthcare premises. Both kill 99.99% of germs for 30 days. And both are 100% in line with Public Health England’s guidance and Government-approved.

The only choice to make is whether you want to lift a single finger.

1. You clean, we fog

You’ll conduct a deep clean throughout your premises before we come in to perform full sanitisation and disinfecting bio-fogging.

We protect your premises using our specialist sanitiser product to ensure that 99.99% of germs can be killed for 30 days.

It’ll only work if you’ve done a good clean first.

2. The whole hog

For real peace of mind that the clean’s been done right prior to fogging, we’ll take care of the whole shebang for you.

We’ll deep clean every area of your premises thoroughly and make sure it’s fully prepped for the fogging to follow.

We’ll use the same product to keep your premises germ-free for up to 30 days too.  

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Before we can quote for your fogging service, we’ll need a few details from you to make sure we do the job right, including some dimensions and a video tour of the space.
(But we’ll let you know what we need as soon as you’ve enquired.)

What you get to show for your efforts

On top of a Coronavirus-free and safer environment for your workers and customers, we’ll give you proof of the extra protection you’ve given them. You’ll receive a full report with photo evidence detailing the surfaces and areas covered.

You’ll also come away with a certificate to show when, by whom and how your building was cleaned. Not only will it act as proof of how seriously you’re taking hygiene, but it’ll also serve as a reminder of when your next fogging is due.

About the product

While bleach might be the most effective agent against an enveloped virus like the Coronavirus, it’s certainly not the safest. Instead, we’ll use specialist dry-steam fogging machines to apply our specialist anti-bacterial sanitiser to each and every surface within your premises.

With our machines, we cover vast areas and get into every nook and cranny without missing a single surface. The protectant will leave behind a mono-molecular layer that permanently bonds to your surfaces like Velcro. Microscopic pins within the barrier will then rupture the membrane of virus cells, providing longer lasting protection for you, your staff and your customers.

The product will cling to your surfaces and protect against Coronavirus for up to 30 days; even if new cells land on it after the fogging, and even after normal activity and regular cleaning. It’s odourless, dry and safe for every wet-cleanable surface you might have within your building. Here’s why we love it:

Looking for regular, contracted specialist business fogging?

Would you like to go further than simply ticking a box, and keep your staff and customers safer via regular fogging

We’re offering 6-month contracts for fogging (and cleaning) to be done every 30 days, to ensure the highest level of safety at your building.

But if you’re running a high footfall business, like a holiday let with multiple changeovers, you’ll probably want to have fogging done more often than that.

Whatever you’re looking for, just mention it in your enquiry and we’ll get back to you with a few questions to work out the costs and logistics.

Why should your get business cleaning and fogging from The Play Company?

Relax and concentrate your work time and efforts where they’re really needed, with:

A safer workspace

Vigilance is at an all-time high thanks to the pandemic, and the virus’s ability to spread is like nothing we’ve ever known. Only with true commitment to thorough cleansing will you protect your colleagues and customers and show them just how much you care.

Peace of mind

It goes without saying that fogging is a rigorous and serious process that calls for genuine expertise, the right tools and a whole load of gusto  too. We’ve been cleaning children’s play areas for twenty years now, and we’ll apply the same know-how to your premises.

One less burden

Put the burden on the experts’ shoulders to ensure you’re keeping your colleagues and customers as safe as possible; you’ve got enough on your mind with this whole global pandemic as it is. Get on with the things you love, knowing the people you love are taken care of.

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Initial cleaning specification

Required for successful pre-fogging deep clean (available in The Whole Hog package)


All Office, Meeting & Board Room Areas

Staff Kitchens/Resource Areas

Lobbies & Corridors


Toilets/Showers & Washrooms Areas

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